Pricing Structure

CADDLE.® (including single-node EMPIRE20™) is sold as single-seat or site license for the single node version or as site license for the multi-node version.

Industrial Licenses
Industrial licenses include full support, maintenance and upgrades.

Academic Licenses
Academic licenses do not include support or upgrades.
Academic sales are only possible via Internet or by Fax.

Pricing Guide

Do it online - CADDLE.®

CADDLE.® is a customizable and entirely web-based molecular modeling system developed jointly by Cepos InSilico GmbH and MOLCAD GmbH that offers high-quality interactive 3D-visualization combined with advanced flexible workflows and protocols for modeling tasks. CADDLE.® may have specific functions (such as the logP-caddle), or may function as general, user-configurable web-based modeling systems. The unique feature of CADDLE.® is its proprietary 3D-visualization technology that allows CADDLE.® to be used on any suitable device (desktop, laptop, table, mobile phone) equipped with a suitable web browser.

CADDLE.® = CADDLE.® including a single-node version of EMPIRE20™