Cepos Mopac 6  


Registration for Free Academic Versions of

ParaSurf™12 and/or Empire™18

ParaSurf™12 and Empire™18 are freely available for bona fide academic users as single seat licenses, no support.

To order a free academic version of ParaSurf™12 and/or Empire™18 you have to register first:

Please download the registration form or open in Acrobat Reader®, fill in all information and send the registration form to us via email (info@ceposinsilico.com).
We will contact you to give you all neccessary information for the download.

Please notice: An email address from a bona fide academic institution is required to get registered for a free academic version of ParaSurf™12 and/or Empire™18.

Cepos InSilico Order Form
Download Form as PDF
It is recommended to open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader® to guarantee the functionality of all fields.